Let Go

love_quotes_c2“Dear, Let it go”, said the Angel

EXAMS are just around the corner. Flipping through the pages, I couldn’t breathe. I know I could finish after all a month to go for the big one.

“Patience, my child”, she whispered. I could hear it loud and clear. All that anger build in me, I need a place to relieve it.

How much time I brood on ‘Hate’? From those frowzy faces to awkward smiles or ease up those past mistakes or lighten up to those filthy people with insincere comments, what harm does it do other than forgiving?

Rolling on bed from left to right, lying awake and those hazy recollections on head roll to realize, you have lots to achieve and where does all the energy assassinate? Am I calling for trouble? Killing self silently, constantly pulling strands to bring up ways of improving or envying those around you who knows to swim when all you know is to gasp for breath and then drown!

Oh, they didn’t have slight second thoughts of what they said or behaved. All I need was to remove the thorns that pricked my heart and breathe deeply… For I couldn’t take pain any longer. No more, I’D TO FACE annoying people, ALL I need is to SMILE and breathe in lots of Oxygen… and let it go… One day. That day you will own the world and even know to swim wisely…

“Let it Go, my dear”, she enchanted. Like a child, she rolled on the other side of bed and slept peacefully.

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13 thoughts on “Let Go

    • Thanks 🙂 and it does help! 🙂
      However, when you see those faces again, you really feel to show the anger which ultimately turns out a fake smile! 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by, Santulan 🙂
      And that smile isn’t a fake one. 😀

      I enjoyed few of your posts. Still reading many… on process! So keep in touch 🙂 Take care

      Kikibee 🙂


      • I personally find that waking up after a good sleep makes me feel all calm… and for some moments indifferent to those who make me mad..

        But yes, after a certain breakpoint.. it all just spills over..

        Thank you for your visits to my blog 🙂 I appreciate them


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