Angel, I call her

images (1)Stumbled through rocks,

He walks in midst of woods.

 ‘Zigzag’, as he sways on stick

Inhaling dust and air

Along the paths

In broader daylight

In silence & solitude

In an Undefined calmness

He calls for Hope…

Seeking for signs amongst turns

Thirsty, as his tummy churn in ‘Burp’

Burning and dried out

With thy sticky and smelly

Beads on his skin

He calls for Hope…

He hauls across his way

Reaching out, winded,

He hunts again

Bird’s melody soothes his delight

Squirrels lurk out of their homes

Enchants a magic charm

Pleading for thy one

Who helps in distress?

He calls for Hope…

Stepping out of Boundaries,

Looking around the unknown

In deadly darkness, Frenzied,

He lets out a deep cry

Yet, there was no help,

No ease or comfort!

Yet again, He calls for Hope…

A first dewdrop touches his skin,

He gazed at it, incredulously

To thy shining glory of light pour

That felt his heart…

Contemplate with joy

To thy tremendous fall from skies

The child in him swirled

With a smile on his face

Yes, He called her an ‘Angel’

Send by the above, the Rain!402713580_640


4 thoughts on “Angel, I call her

  1. Did you write the poem for the picture, or search the picture for it?

    Before I reached the last paragraph, I was of the thought that he is calling for hope but doesn’t see all that he is achieving by himself in this travel..


    • I searched the picture for it 🙂

      Yes, he is calling for hope. And that hope showed him its best signs in the form of rain. May be he isn’t achieving everything in this travel however, he gets what he asked for. He would’ve got better results, if he continued his journey…(maybe) but that’s not what implies in here.

      Its the desire to call on hope or rather say believe in it!

      Jensy 🙂


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