Summer Blues

imagesThe days were beyond hard to get through books, cram up and study. Although you haven’t heard much of whining session on these days of my lame reluctance to study, and all that I could come up was on the freaking heat! Almost all my days are inside four corners of this room, which I breathe in and out of air, or my dead sweat…

The glowing grace just right above head shining his furious rage in glaring heat, drenched in tiny sweats even after a fresh mind all set to attend the lectures in college. Walking besides the lovers fence, which no longer remains as ‘Lovers’ fence, cause all you would see is rails on its place! Moreover, if you ever think of sitting in that little space, you might get your butt roasted or eaten by red ants. (No, I haven’t tried. Don’t even think like that! 😛 )

Not long ago, The days of Summer was still on and all you would see is bunch of people working at a construction site for a new parking lot, I suppose. Recently, they had constructed a temple on the college premises for all the believers around the place. The white beauty is seemingly ethnic and magnificent!

603680_465054380238091_362915450_nThanks to Absolutely and Jafar for the photograph.

Returning to hostel in daring sun was so frustrating enough to later notice, that did he cooled down a bit. Isn’t it bit cloudy for now? Wishing and hoping for this is the worse out of all sunny time. Longing for a good shower that could cool down this mother Earth as well as the restless soul of mine, I vowed I would step down on roads, feel the tiny liquid drops, and smell the joy!rainy-day-cloudy-stormyy

It’s amazing that we all get through the horrid weather. The number of times of cold shower in a day, eating Ice candies, lemonade, butter milk, sunscreen and cold mango shakes, what not to make the horrific weather in control. When we think everything can be controlled which unlikely didn’t happen to me. Thanks to the Almighty who showered his blessings on this dead Earth to feed the poor and needy like us 😉 Luckily, the rain pounced in slowly and resumed its pace.

Late night, there was ferocious waft banging the doors and windowpanes. Trees were colliding and remarkably, there was sudden silence of dogs or car honks. Light definitely, was faster than the sound! Each one was getting louder and louder. Glistening flashes of light captured my eyes from windowpanes. The moment was perfect to watch my frail faces that contemplate with silent joys. Even though the door and window shut, I could tell the weather had broken its stillness and was pouring heavily! It was hard to stare at the book and sit. I opened the door and looked outside. Every corner of the balcony handrail veiled in tiny droplets and a fresh breeze smacked my face of its richness. Hoping the days of Mr Sunshine being so Hot has come to an end, because it’s time to admire at those clouds and warm up to the coldness outside.

Earth has washed down many times ever since Saturday. Eventually, I’d lots of visitors that never failed to turn up after each downpour. They are those types that stick to walls, books and every nook and corner of the room. (Still didn’t get it?)creative_wallpaper_rain_021048_1

It makes me feel like no matter how terrible and hot, it seems to be, how dirty or sticky things are, there is always time for refreshing like these moments of coolness. The grime can all be washed away and we all can end up in a clean slate. The smell of the cool crisp air, the mist that forms outside my window and the dewdrops that’s as if a lullaby made for me. I love every bit of it.

As usual, I sat down in front of huge book along with my caffeine boost. This time next month, I’m going to stress up with exam schedule. Therefore, for now, I’m done with the cries of summer. I could feel it. I could really express the joys of monsoon rejoicing my heart. And that calls for a study time…Poor me! 😦



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