Long Time No Me!?

Tadaaa… Long time and I’m back in here. I know… I know I’ve been out for so long and had been thinking of looking at my blog for awhile. It’s time to blow off the dust loaded on my laptop and open up document and publicize my blog. 🙂 Well I’m glad the month of exams over until next one comes and as normal crack my head open to hog words of dentistry and sit down like a stick in front of books. Also it’s been holidays for few days and it ain’t like you can shut your mind when it points out to blog about certain stuff that come across. In addition, when my bro said to his wife, hey have you read her blog? She replied, Oh yes I did. And I remembered TGWTST has been inactive since a month for any read ups.  What would my readers read from me? Tadaa!

I’m in my sweet home in God’s own country with Devil’s own people except few decent ones. 😀 A new member added to my family clan. In addition, I apologize for not letting you all know about my brother wedding. Will post pictures on my brother wedding soon!

Yesterday night, I slid into bed and was fast asleep. Waking up in morning, I felt how wonderful when I’m recharged to step out of home. Nature ain’t much of blessing with heavy showers and cold climate not leasing my warm blankets off. The day goes on with rides to home visits of families and dear ones. Day is barely brighter with less light. Not as bright, as two months ago still capsules of positive vibrant energy left. After ingesting food from two houses twice the amount I normally eat, I felt my stomach would burst open any time. And this ritual continues till today. This will prolong until I leave from here on Monday to Mangalore. Till then lots of free food to store in my tummy.

Time to leave for Sunday mass… Bubyeee 🙂


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