He Smiled so Do ME…

Narayanan was sitting outside the department anticipating his name to call.


When I called out his name loudly, he stood with hands up, ‘that’s me’, he said.  Out of all the other people waiting in the outpatient department for their turn to come, he had a grim smile with pale face.

He is half of my height, around 60 years of age, shy in nature, very much cooperative and so sweet. He is an angler hailing from Payannur, Kerala South part of India that reaches my college at 11 am sharp by train. When I’d asked him about his medical history, he didn’t have anything to say.

BP undo? (Do you have Blood Pressure?)


Panni (fever)?


“Elaa elaaa”, he raised his hands as a NO for reply. He didn’t know whether he had anything in him for 60 years. What he needed now was a shining set according to his words.

So after two weeks of my work, a complete denture made. I asked him, ‘are you happy with my work’?

He said, “God bless you dear”! A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. Since you have a beautiful one, I too needed one.  I smiled so do him 🙂 🙂 Desktop1


14 thoughts on “He Smiled so Do ME…

    • Of all the things that I’ve ever done, this was more satisfactory as well as an achievement. Totally loved the smile on his face that I’ll never forget. Thanks ya and same to you 🙂
      Cheers ! 😀


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