Sunday Diaries: Reflections

994457_472080279528775_386798774_nPhoto credits: Arts Photography

I see her

Looking from above

With eyes so dreary

Lost in its charm

Serene yet blank



I can read her mind

Like the weather forecast

Her soul reflects thy inner self

Like the glaring effect

Written Under stars


I can feel her clots

As she touches me

Entrenched in pain & misery

Silent and creepy

Cause’ she desires to convey her fable

But who will hear her this time?




When my arms are holding

Her cold heart crushes

Curling around my warmth

As Her wall of stillness breaks

Darkness consumes her at every teardrop

Evil fills the void inside

This life no one confides in!



 My thoughts scorned by her nakedness

For what I see I do not wish

All I share is her blind truth

Of unattached strings

And a mystery untold.


Unleash those dark shadows

Let the rage flee from past

Let the silence speak

As the truth needs to be said

The Ocean reveals.


I’m no God

To judge the living and dead

All I could ask is forgiveness

For what I could see

Is pain and guilt

Now I deserve inner peace.


I close my eyes

Staring at her

Confusing as it seems like’

As everything falls apart

With soothing words not making any sense…

As I fly without wings

Wandering into my dreams

Just making a veracity of my dreams!


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