System Failure

1017423_482505215152948_1549264275_nWhen the world witness the death of the brave soul who fought for her life till her last breath, no one bothered to turn back and do a bit. ALL SHE NEEDED was a normal life of practicing medicine and spending time with near and dear ones. What she needed wasn’t symbols or slogans or sculptures or sacrifices. What she asked from her mother is a life she could live & what she received are aching tears.

Everyone concerns is on an anguish soul that had to suffer lot of pain, newspapers were filled with rape victims newsflash until elections came. Politicians needed our support so the ruling party tried their best to solve the problem at their expense and opposing party just had to add fuel to the gas. They engaged papers to provide front-page news update of what’s happening in the world of biggest corruption. In addition, the news of rape victim pushed to the last pages. I agree none of our lives revolve around rape or its victims. Or maybe who knows who’s next?59783_10151621719454257_810051557_n

“RAPE” is a word where every woman and true man fears.  It is a terror within each girl as she faces each man by hatred. That’s what society has made the girls into. Ain’t it? I can assure girls telling how many men sexually molest them with their stares and lewd remarks passed. The frightening alarm that rings each woman hearts as they use public transport, visit shopping malls, or walk by roads, Until when this alarm will continue?

When top headlines hit screen on rape, public goes havoc on raising voices on rape, highlighting their rage. That continues for another month, so what next? Everywhere a lot is written on this taboo but who is responsible for it? We blame it on politicians, police and government workers who doesn’t take actions. We strive for changes to happen in here. Nevertheless, does it happen?

‘We the society’ forgets it is in our hands to compel actions and pursue them to offer protection for our sisters. We let incidents to happen, to take the sheer privilege of lighting candles and engaging in works broadcasting signs of worshiping women, later eat, and sleep. Who fails and Who wins?

A few of them lose their life to the rape and most times their families cover it up. They try to bury the incident along with the girl.  Why?

There are thousand daughters who are raped and badly injured or the shame that masks their faces forever. Yet, there is one goes through the armor to face all these absconding challenges to live life. So many women have neither the privilege nor luxury to fight against these evils. Or even amnesia that can make them forget their fate.

We talk. We fail to accept. We fail to look at a girl’s life from her own eyes.

People turn index finger towards her as the reason for rape. Her provocative dressing that made rape happen at the time of hour. So who’s to blame on your ogling eyes and the devil inside you that brutally kills a woman completely. The disconcerting reports that we all hear today are those who dressed properly to get sexually assaulted by group of beasts. So stop commenting on one dressing! There is no right you to comment on her dressing.india-rape-december-2012-nirbhayaHaven’t you neglected the dead girl who stripped her dignity for nothing but pain and scars that remains forever? The sick conservative mindset of people who blame others and are averse to admit changes, when will you grow up?


Isn’t it the high time that we enforce laws on chemical castration and death penalty instead of ten years prison time? It’s revolting, outrageous and disgusting and not the kind of news one would like to hear so I firmly believe the best efforts to put full stop to this brutality is by a death penalty to the assaulter.

I think of all the women who make up to the front pages with their life stories that turns away a stoned heart and deaf one. You aren’t a human bearing a heart. It’s just a dark hole.

System FAILS, HISTORY Repeats!… This time it recurs in Mumbai… ANOTHER DISGRACEFUL ONE!



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