ragging-2-350_082111102452“Gosh, The Days are flying faster”… Have to pinch myself to get the feeling… Five years… Though the progress in each year was good, however the realization that time running faster is quite a big revelation. Out of all the years, ‘The First Year’ being the most memorable one.

It’s the time of the year where tiny innocent teens explore the new world. Tiny won’t be the word looking at those voluptuous sizes.



Marfan sure!!! These days’ gossips have become interesting.

It begins something like this initial days, Don’t you know the RULES in here?

You have to find out our names and address us with Sir/ Madam. <Juniors: Are these people our staff?>

You can look down and walk. There is no necessity you have to stare at our faces.

You can dry your clothes inside your room. We don’t want to see any advertisements of what undergarments you wear.

Nevertheless, our conversations begin something like this:

Isn’t that guy cute?

Hey that girl who laughed loudly in the mess hall, what is her name?

What’s there to stare at me? Is there something written on my face?

As juniors walk around with their parents in the hall waiting to buy books, aprons and instruments. I recall my orientation day with mixed emotions. It seems like yesterday I walked into this college. Signing the affidavit of ragging crap, buying textbooks as well as purchasing the white coat. Wearing them to college with the fresh look, climbing the mountain to attend our anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and dental anatomy. Carrying the white apron, Biochemistry and Physiology Books loaded in our backpack seems like yesterday but look where I am four years senior. Quite an achievement to survive here with new friends, new place with strange and corrupted people away from family, school friends and home!

I’m here to talk on the taboo topic Ragging. It differs with mindset of people. I’m sure everybody has a negative picture of bullying personalities and superior authority where parents get concerned. I wished people had differed their opinion on it. Because, I had the best time in my first year where seniors called it as the ‘INTERACTION period’.

RAGGING, the concept taken by some heartless people conveys their ruthless behaviour into another level. However, I believe the ragging that I received, seen and experienced has no signs of rough or raucous. It had a fun way of dealing things if kept under controlled. It alleviates in breaking the cold war between the seniors and juniors and a way of interacting with different people. It’s also a way of respecting people and their opinions. A WAY in which when we call our seniors ‘madam’ or ‘sir’, we too receive the same without feeding anybody’s ego. That’s what now a day’s people do take for granted by not following it. Give respect and take respect is a forgotten myth.

I believe this organization has its pros and cons, and how it affects people differently. I DON’T AGREE with the practice of cheap and petty dealing of ragging where one has to strip naked or vehemently challenge the act of alcoholism /smoking into thyself. This type of severe bullying has abolished for a long time. It is all about verbal remarks, jokes, and a mini form of entertainment as in dancing, singing or mimicry. It’s how BOND build up cause at the end juniors need our help in their studies, emotional backup and encouragement to achieve confidence.

A note to juniors if you could really get through this phase of interaction, you are enjoying the whole system of building up new relations, enjoying cultures and traditions and cutting the crap of attitude and egoism. It’s a way of acquainting new system where both seniors and juniors find it hard to corporate as being away from family. By this way, people get to know each other.

The point is to convey that one should not take the bitter experiences in college life in a negative manner and turn into a hardcore pessimist. You are gearing yourself up to face real life challenges that lie after college. So higher the number of mistakes you make, higher are the number of lessons you learn and hence you are better equipped to step out in the real corporate-ruled-world out there. 

P.S: By no means, my college nor do I practice ragging. It’s a FULL STOP! However, I still believe the juniors are missing it.




  1. hey sweet Jenny, a well written post about ragging and college life. I miss ma college life like hell and it’s been the best days of ma life. I also faced ragging in hostel and though it was bad, we ultimately became friends. I was lil too rigid but it should be taken in the right spirit. But, I condemn ruthless ragging and it was well portrayed in TABLE 21 where someone’s life can be spoiled
    Have a wonderful weekend:)


    • Hey Vishal 🙂

      I agree with the concept what Table 21 brought. However, I don’t think people do harsh stuffs at least for now. I had fun times with my seniors and at last they became my good friends.

      Thank you and same to you


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