Do I belong here Zola?

1097971_499915520078584_1681351053_nIt’s getting late

It’s getting darker

Wrap me inside

With a Blanket of pelt

For I see evil


 in eyes of crimson

She is breaking

Something ain’t right

With heart so loud beating

Tearing between sheets of pain

She is crying in an empty womb

With eyes so swollen

She whispers her darker secrets

Excruciating and heinous truths

Vanished in thin air

Swallowed by inept spirits

Fear creeping out from her hollow

Life intense as hell as slaughtered

In thousands die in wavering breaths

In face of nightingale-

I’d erase her forever

From her soul

Just like, she’d.


No more Gucci or Chanel

Or riches to melt in

She ain’t a zero size model

She is standing alone

With a blanket riding

At back of her head

Like a shield

Like a skin

She wears it

With deepest dread


Do I belong here Zola?







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