Endless Wanderer

532064_503254849744651_1938392243_nI ain’t pretty woman

I ain’t what you call beauty

The depth of scars all you see

Once caused me pain


I endure every moment in silence

In anguish my eyes wander

For the hopes I anticipate

Life seems so bizarre

Like a map in front

All you know is lost


In midst of routes never known


I see a bright light

Seeking the inner truth

in me

Behind that piece I picture,

I see a little of me.

With each inch I built

I see a little of me

With every step I strive

I believe I can…

I am an endless wanderer

Living every moment with fear

But a little hope

Is all I cope with…


7 thoughts on “Endless Wanderer

  1. just as your thoughs are your own
    my comments are mine alone
    Sure you wrote it only for you
    as beauty of thoughts ever matter
    thoughts dont begin nor end, just seems forever


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