One Year and Two Months

‘Two months’ that would be incorrect. The third one is running smoothly already with 5 posts. Well, this time WordPress had forgotten my anniversary so do me. Therefore, it is even. To bring a belated wish can make me a year old blogging. AND I like every bit of it. Ahh…Just can’t take the pressures that comes in package from friends with lot more drama cause all they see is am front of laptop. My part of the story ends. Okay that is not true am even watching some TV shows to make up for my lost time.  😉Collages

The Girl with the Scorpion tattoo really was a delightful experience blogging every word in here to get a view by many at a time. Because I feel important and valued for every word that makes you read. I wasn’t introduced to blogging by anyone. However, it all begins from inspiration so I read one or two or reading between the lines to those, words that made me consider writing few of my own.  Firstly, searching for domains that would probably like me and flopping into dashboard as a genie figuring each widget and themes. So Honestly, I wrenched with decisions to make so I gave that irk thing of decision-making and choices to my best friends. Therefore, I guess I too made a good decision to fly with wordpress.

I know they might won’t be so appealing to many of you out there. But this makes me happy for the efforts that bear fruits.

My Blog Statistical Review:

Total Number of Posts: 96

Categories: 10

Tags: 401

Blog Stats: 5,156

Total Number of Likes: 500+ (May 29th 2013)

Total number of comments: 394

Best ever Views of ALL TIME: 104 (August 11 2013)


*Firstly, My greatest achievement apart from Blog is Friends. Friends that I made in here are the prominent aspect of this cyber space. I felt good to read up and even share conversations throughout world. Sometimes I know I don’t make much an effort because of my goddamn college hours and tight schedule. However, when a single Hallo can make a difference I didn’t know.

*My first Group blog post was updated on along with Rahul Ashok. I feel great every time I read those lines of efforts achieved.

*For many who never knew or seen my writings, this has been my platform for all to appreciate and criticize or even comment/like my ramblings.

Thank you for all the encouragement and supporting to continue my work. Looking forward to achieve more in coming days and there is no turning back. All I see is the smiles that make me cheerful. So Way to go ahead!




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