Revenge The best justice?

justiceFriday 13th is lucky for those who seek justice because day didn’t go so unlucky or even close disappointing for many of us. The fast track courts took altogether nine months to make a decision possible. After delaying justice for so long until this day came for Damini to rest in peace. What strikes me, What about other Damini’s. Rape won’t be a full stop unless laws are strictly followed and actions speak louder. Isn’t it? When four people go to hell what about the fifth one? just because he is juvenile three years imprisonment does no good to him! What he has done is no excuse to commit crime. Only more teenagers will rise and commit crime.

Is revenge the best justice? A Rapist burnt to death by the victim in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She took revenge on the man who raped her at knife point by dousing him in kerosene and setting him to fire. ‘Raju’ the rapist died of burn injuries. It seems she had asked him to visit her house for negotiating an out of court settlement but luck didn’t favor his fate that she and her brothers doused him in kerosene and burnt.

So what favors today’s justice? A revenge or death penalty? If justice doesn’t work, tomorrow people may witness revenge and brutality so often. Moreover, the fact that nothing less than a capital punishment is expected or followed for the rest accused. Those involved in crime of sexual molestation should be hanged. This craving is from the long awaited disappointments and cries of aching hearts addressing rape and other forms of violence against women. If this is, the change that can bring justice to worldwide, the answer isn’t a mere revenge against rapists but a change and effectiveness of laws and police force. If then, perhaps, we would all believe in true freedom, independence and justice.





2 thoughts on “Revenge The best justice?

    • Yep! There are teenagers who are kept behind the bars and doing community services may be we can all hope that he receives the worst nightmare of raping and brutally killing a woman in public! He deserves no mercy!


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