Happy Onam

onam-pookalamWhen Mahabali came in town as in when he ruled our God’s Own Country. Little did he know he fed the evil minds with genius brains? Oh, we are blessed in tons, Maveli (Short for Mahabeli). Because of you Oh King, we are united all over world to celebrate these multicolored with rich traditions and cultures. Only the difference a ten-day event cut short into two day. Or even a day! Cause that’s what we can afford. We are busy people.

For expatriates like me who forgotten this culture or pretend to be in bliss enjoying Onam. This would be a perfect example of staying in a place with no traditions or no signs of celebration. Okay we are a bunch who is just nostalgic about everything that connects homeland. Well apart from myth, the demon (Maveli) ruled our land and as a devotion to God (“Athithi Devo Bhavahe”-Guest of God) sent to “Paathala” (World under Earth) every year at this auspicious time of the year which marks the beginning of harvesting Festival. Yet he is the demon, how Irony!

So peeps, I won’t be late for wishing you all9724e440-23a8-4872-bf64-4c673b992bd1_6129018635_7013f94bfd_o

A very Happy Prosperous Onam!

Oh, I didn’t have my traditional feast (Onasadhya), somebody can parcel it for me! 😀 😀



6 thoughts on “Happy Onam

  1. Happy Onam to you too ! The story of Mahabali and Vishnu has always made me wonder. Mahabali was a good person in terms of governance and welfare of his subjects.. Anyway..

    I haven’t had a sadya yet, but drool at the pics my friends share.. some day maybe.. some day


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