We-Love-WordPressHey all!

Today is the 100th post and I welcome you all to my The Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo Blog.  Well until the last day, I checked dashboard reminded me it is my 99th and I’m soon hitting the target. And It did take a whole year to reach this number since I began the Scorpion girl. Well I’m glad I made it to this point so for this to be a memorable one I’m going to engage you all in some retrospection of mine.

I Love Blogging and I really do! Ever since what made me come up with the idea of searching a domain and start over a blog on that night of June 29th. I really don’t know however, my life has changed SINCE then. I can’t imagine a life without this cyberspace. From the Boredom I started this to change my perception of holidays and guess what, I’m engaged to this blog! 😀images

The fact is my staff guide, my parents banned me from extra circular activities, and I do all the other activities other than studying. (Not a College Rule) Since she knew me, she felt I should take my final year seriously. And it was in that third year vacation I launched my blog. (Oh she didn’t knew this one until recently) 😉

Every part of this I love. Many of my friends didn’t know I write so do me. 😀 It’s through this new venture I discovered my version as a writer. I started writing poetry and little bit fiction adding some insights on social issues too. I don’t stick on to one genre, I write everything under the sky revolving around me. It’s entirely a reflection of my world.  Though I never thought, I would start a blog even when I used to jot down ramblings in pieces and clinch it on a journal. So it feels great to be at the moment of 100th post where I would like to know your views on my blog and anything you would love to ask or share in here. 

The Reasons Why I Love Blogging?

  • Blogging- An Antidepressant! (I’m quite a moody one, so when I get appreciation for my works, it acts like my energy boost!)
  • FREEDOM: It gave me a perfect platform to explore my skills.
  • LEARNING: Helps me to wear my THINKING HAT! (Inspiration)
  • FAME: Without me knowing, I became a topic of discussion among friends and acquaintances for this new venture. Haha I love the bit fame. 😉
  • FRIENDSHIP: I never knew I would get to know so many friends across the globe as well as be a part of this family.
  • FOCUS: A sense of duty like being accountable in achieving and setting my goals.
  • CREATIVE: Those challenges made my brain work to be productive and creative.
  • SHARING: Sharing, caring and voicing up the inner soul to speak on different issues.


THANK YOU Fellas 🙂 images (2)


25 thoughts on “NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH

  1. Hi Jensy, congratulations on reaching your 100th. Neat goal achieved. I loved reading your entire thought process on you blogging. Loved it. Sounds like it has really opened yourself up as a woman. For me, Through Harold’s Lens has allowed me to re-engage my creative mind and allowed it to expand and meet some fabulous folks from all over our globe.

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  2. Oh I totally agree with those reasons.. when I started blogging, I was finishing my internship in MBBS. Had no clue if anyone would bother reading or whether the ‘blog’ would last more than a month. But over the years, found so many ways to express that raging creativity within and channel it in posts… was such a burst of freedom.
    Keep on going. Looking forward to insights at the 200th post next 🙂

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