The Vibrant Bliss


I wait in front of the door so long,

Waiting for my love to open it

With utmost eagerness and temper,

When she opens it in her new outfit,

I’m fully beyond the control

So that she can control me with her spells.

Her beautiful lips strikes on my sight,

And compels me for a passionate kiss.

Our hands crosses together in its flow,

Breathe and feels like we’re in heaven.

Suddenly I notice the shyness she has,

But it disappears so magically

When I keenly look at her eye sights.

With every heaving, breathe

His tongue flickers for more

His every caressing touch gasps my soul,

His body trembles with every desire,

And My feelings are too strong to brawl.

I knew this won’t be the last

A flame ignites in raging fire

Our passion rises in warmth

As my body quivers

As each beat quickens

As our moans whisper in night

You can feel me quiver

Wanting for more…

She certainly kills me slowly with her love

But by taking in the whole breathe from a man,

With whom she had been sharing her dreams.

A moment where two souls crossing their fingers together,

And the glory of nakedness spreads all around them.

The strong bond of attraction on her makes me insane,

That too with a beautiful passion and love for my half part.

I lingers and subdue the whole her,

Looking at the innocence of her vital body

Gasps sp strangely at the moment

Our fingers and eyes crossed again,

But this time for a few more…!


Tonight, Oh my special one!

 Like the cherry in cake

May your taste be on my lips,

May your touch yearn for more

You may lose control

But I want to feel your love

Like the way you utter

“You are mine “

Warming up to blazing fire

Lost in ardor of dance

Falling on his ardent arms

 Like heaven unwrapped.

For he is mine

Now and forever

Our veracity of love-

That we are bonded with hearts

And that sensual kiss

That seals our minds in love!


Another Group blogging post by our very own Rahul Ashok and me the Scorpion Girl bringing to you all a romantic passionate vibrant lines of male and female version on this awesome work of art. We absolutely enjoyed writing this one placing much effort to share the emotions of two romantic souls.

Hope you all love it and have a Great Day fellas 🙂

Click myindividualinsights to read some talented insights of this young man hailing from Cochin. 😀 


13 thoughts on “The Vibrant Bliss

  1. I must say… this poem has that “something” (i am not able to describe the feeling when I read the poem)…
    You two make a very good team…
    looking forward to more of your “collaboration works”


  2. Wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! I don’t need my steaming cup of coffee this morning to wake up. My room is already filled with steam and magical, mysterious tastes. Thank you for having your talent. But, thank you more for having the creative skills to bring it forth so others may enjoy.


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