Ten days over of a new year. Done with my hurdles…The results are yet to be out… Hoping all is well. #PrayForMeHappy-new-year-funny-2014

I’m back with my first post of the year. Non-blogging for about 3 months seems like forever and sitting down with a laptop and typing these words seems like something I use to do. Something I missed. Anyways my friends call me a zombie for the days of work and those panda eyes. Uff…Moreover, the day nears when I am so excited to be home. And before you know it, the first week of 2014 is over! Time does seem to fly when you’re having exams and days of work seem endless.


Reached safe at home. Guess what I lost my phone in aircraft.

2014 seems great toast from beginning! When enquired lost property, they agave that sarcastic smile.  A great start of the year for not knowing what to worry phone or results.

2013 you were a good guy just that I couldn’t take the exam crap. So bless me with a new beginning and that’s why I want to call it ‘Hello beautiful’ 2014!

I pray for the optimism in me to remain for so much longer to pull out all the strings of hope. Yes Hope to usher me live life with great strength, bring happiness in abundance and move ahead with no turning back. I let her occupy my freeway spaces. Helping her to communicate with me, holding hands and sharing each days comfort.

Looking forward for a better year, get connected to the one above cause he is awesome and perhaps travel to Burj Khalifa or somewhere else and breathe fresh peace.

May 2014 be the year of Peace, Love, Reconciliation, and Harmony for which we all have been praying and intending to be.images (1)


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