Resolutions or No Resolutions

images (1)Have I considered R in Resolutions last year? I doubt. All remains bizarre because all days were Exams and Exams that I wrote and saving energy mode or being lazy at most times. The time I breathe was when my butt cuddled around the blanket and my screen flashed in Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Suits and many more to add. This year it’s good to watch Sherlock rolling with great bang as usual.

Who said Resolutions are to be broken or it’s impossible? Well I mentioned it last year some of them and nearly nothing fulfilled or even accomplished. However, who’s perfect and this time I would rejuvenate with goody old resolutions with lots of creativity and strike the boring ones. Since I missed my New Year, day and my resolutions are going to pull off.

All my friends are buying Dental Pulse (Entrance book) so that I can borrow one.
Bettina sports in new shoe and pairs me for a jog.
A new leaf – I love you my Lord.
Travel India.
Blog more in style…
Moreover a SMILE!

What are your Resolutions? Are you fulfilling it?


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