Strangers in Night

Jacob and his wife stopped by when a pretty woman rolled down her windowpane of her car. She asked whether we were walking to our car. As Dubai Mall parking lots were full and there were cars pacing faster to park. It was late in night. All were honking so loudly, being restless in getting room. The Lady got out of her car letting her friend drive. She followed us. We went by thinking to wait for her friend to park.images

“Hi! Where did you park your car?”

There the first one

“Oh! Thank You so much.” (With a little dance on floor)

“It’s alright!” 🙂

As soon, her friend parked his car in the space. We waved our hands at her with a 32-voltage smile. Again, I see that hip shake with curve that shine her lips. ‘Politeness’ and I smiled.

6743bc0c-f84c-4b75-b2aa-82bafb353f8e_zps485e2995Saturday prompt, ‘Strangers in the Night’ for 100 Words on Saturday 2014: 2 has been provided by Suzu of I hope you like my prompt on this one. Have a great day 🙂


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