The Tiny Shoe

Little-shoe-Vidya-SuryStumbling over the tiny thing reminded Tina  of her childhood days. This time she was bewildered for a moment whose it could be laying on midst of her garden. Her sister didn’t mention anything of losing her little love shoe.

A bead of sweat rolled down her cheeks as she finished farming her favorite plants that’s due for that bright flowery spring.

Holding the shoe harked back of what probably her mother would say, “Tina, How can you be so careless?” She smiled.

Her thoughts cut short by the call on her phone.

Tina, did you see any shoe lying by? Shane had brought another pair still those were her favorite ones.

“Yes Dheedi! I found it. It was nearby my rose plants.”

A sigh of relief escaped her. “Glad you found it!”

I laughed at her misery.

She said, “Don’t laugh…Every Dog has a day. You are next!” 

This post is written as a response to the Wednesday Prompt by Write Tribe. This Wednesday they have given a picture prompt on the above picture, The little shoe by Vidya Suri. Hope you all like this attempt.


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