My Freedom

430125_467719119964891_1544060986_nUp, up the long, blistering blue

Sprinting off, auburn of catastrophe

Strolling on slurry bonds of Earth

Dancing the skies in wiggly laughter

As happy as clam

Writers sing my freedom in thee!

Soaring high

Under the sun split clouds

Climbing the tumbling mirth

Joining the silvered wings of bliss

Million-dollar smile swung on rope

High in a blowing wind, I bustle

Done a thousand things

In my Pursuit of happiness

Winded I shout out

Hey, catch me if you can.

Tangled in whispering nights

Unveil those mystery links

That binds me to skin

Raw Stung in needles of agony

Dawn passes by

Morning grace swept the air

Like the touch on God’s face

Put out your hand, and I linger

I outreach my hand to catch my freedom




9 thoughts on “My Freedom

  1. Break the shackles of fear and fly like a free bird. It’s our freedom and the soul shall find fulfillment in its quest. Love how you flirted and tease with words. Perfect choice of words that touches the heart:)


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