One Last Time

GirldreamingWhere are you, My love?

I kept waiting for you there..

Again and again.. So long…

To find my other part..

 The one I cannot have..

But the one I really wish to have..


I turned back to walk

Still I waited behind that bridge

Waiting for you..

Waiting for time to stop by..

That cold breeze made me numb

Yet I yearn to see your face

For one last time…


We bring another post of love and romance in ‘We Blog Together’ by myself and Rahul Ashok, another blogger and good friend of WordPress family from Cochin, India. Rahul, may we write umpteen times of romantic stuffs…and write other kinds too… I’v lost count to how many we have written… So cheers to many more… Check out this guy talent in his blog, myindividualinsights ! Good day folks! 😀

Photo Credits: Google Images



10 thoughts on “One Last Time

  1. Amazing poem in the way one long and crave for the love. Don’t we all do it? Brilliant Jensy. Btw, I am glad to know that I am among the top commentators on your blog. Looking to repeat it::)


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