BN-BG349_iwordl_F_20140127123552Life of a man is a circus. More than the common man, It’s the millionaire life a comedy circus! I know it’s a little pompous when people are eager to know what’s in news. When news is all about a someone told, somebody said, you heard, I gossiped…and whatever so becomes the headlines. This is the huge misleading source that I’ve come across and newspapers today are totally a wreck with new story line every moment. For people like me who reads newspaper occasionally and catches hit news in our frenzy excitement to know what’s new, this media punches on face with every false take.

Until very recently, congress voice scared the hell out of me to vote for them. There is an ideology keeping the Nehru Gandhi dynasty in power and that lies in two ways to make larger population poorer and to divide, divide… Divide. Divide over identity, promises over reservations, laws to alter according to religious beliefs, gender prejudices. No surprises isn’t it! If the poverty line were to become rich one day, they would be able to meet their immediate needs and even rule Politics one day. That means if Congress becomes our nation protector, which they have been doing for so long, bring promiscuous changes BUT neither Poverty end nor social strife? Still the poor pleads for their immediate needs and the unemployment, undereducated still remain. After yesterday interview, Rahul Gandhi talks about Democracy…democracy, democracy and women empowerment! I nearly slept through all his lines of flakiness…so what next! He is going to win? A mere boy wanted to make it big, a big politician apparently he can’t take the responsibility of his team because he wasn’t involved. I watched until end though it didn’t make sense of many things they were arguing and the big SPEECH of his trying to relate. It didn’t change anything neither it didn’t give anything new.

Moreover, all my friends discussed over lunch praising MODI. Why Modi? I couldn’t digest the fact why would people side with a murderer and his sarcasm. He has done many things for Gujarat… there is no electricity shortage, roads etc and the list goes on… However, what is the logic of supporting someone who kills people because of his anti Hindu package?  He is challenging that India will transcend a change; we all would foresee a new vision of India. While the Congress is certainly losing grip over the electorate, the BJP under the leadership of Modi is undoubtedly surging ahead. He has focused on his speeches and is quite popular among the youth brigade of the country. But I wonder who would tolerate his Hindu-is-tic views?

Then came Aam Aadmi Party AAP, a personal vehicle of Arvind Kejirwal and his aides. Reading between the lines of newspaper, I remember AAP used Anna Hazare to an extent and later the Bill was passed. NEVERTHELESS, what happened next? Is there any end to corruption? They built an entire movement on Anti Corruption against the Congress regime and ally with the same team the next day. So they venture out Delhi as a common person. Does the righteousness and needs of people fulfilled? Is there an answer for all this strife and commotion in these upcoming elections? How much is at stake at the cost of development and progress that they harm the poor? At this point, I’m certain this election would be no different.

Everybody needs power and they from all sides are waiting to take away the trophy. The answer is who. The truth is there are lots of evil. Who is less disastrous to the humanity? Who is more promising than the big terms that they swear upon us about empowerment, justice and progress. Scary to choose when you know no party is fair worthy to wipe away common man fears.


“Power is a poison well known for thousands of years. If only no one were ever to acquire material power over others! But to the human being who has faith in some force that holds dominion over all of us, and who is therefore conscious of his own limitations, power is not necessarily fatal. For those, however, who are unaware of any higher sphere, it is a deadly poison. For them there is no antidote.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation V-VII

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6 thoughts on “Comedy CIRCUS

  1. “Hinduistic” views?

    Really? What is so Hindu about what Narendra Modi says?

    Development, growth, skill development, infrastructure, improvement in the status of economic freedom is all “Hinduistic”?

    Evidently, you haven’t lived in rural India for an extended period of time to see why people resonate with him. Can’t blame you. Consider yourself lucky to have been brought up in a fairly well to do manner!

    And, he is a murderer? Let me explain again:

    Congress party which has ruled for 10 years of the last 12 years has control over CBI and all investigative agencies. Many convictions have happened in Gujarat (in the Best Bakery case and the Jafri case). Culprits have been brought to the book. Despite this, a single shred of evidence has not been found against Modi. Now, this, despite the fact that prosecution was heavily biased against Modi. And now, why are you baying for blood? Probably you know better having been fed news from various biased news outlets!

    Go see Gujarat once and see for yourself how things have changed. Traveling is good. Also, it is good to observe things and come to a conclusion rather than be biased.

    Come April-May 2014, if you are a realist, there is one obvious choice.


    • Hi Jatkesha! I agree to the changes he brought.. the tourism, the infrastructure, the railway and transportation is better than any other state… I didn’t say he isn’t capable but ruthless and possibly the only choice people choose..(any better choice?) and there may not be any evidences but as CM he was equally responsible.

      P.S: I’m talking about the strategists, the conspirators who plots behind the ‘Hindutva’ agenda who looted, raped and killed people who had the courage to go out and join massacres…


  2. The gist is that we are left with no option. And frankly, I don’t think this is just something that we Indians are dealing with. If you look at every other country, they have some sort of distortions of the idea of democracy. Americans are left with two choices and they keep on electing one or the other, bringing not much of a security on anything. The Middle East has their own issues to deal with along with Draconian laws and gender insensitivity. Our neighbours (Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal) are struggling too. Considering all these, the world in a whole, is suffering from a total lack of leadership. But you are right in implying that the Indian youth is disoriented and disillusioned with the plight of choosing between the poor options available to us.
    Good post.


    • Thank You Manu bro ! every political person need is fame and power. For that they would go up to any extent of licking feet. They know if they play around for awhile, promising heart of the youngsters for changes and gets them to vote. But youngsters don’t get to see the real picture behind this. All they want to believe in Changes which is illusion as always!!!


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