You are my spark

1240637_610310939021117_1198905508_nWhen I look at you, I see the spark

That once lived a life of everlasting

Was it yesterday?

Cause I want to replenish

Every moment that once forgotten

This moment seems so unreal

Without you, It’s hard to explain!


I held you close

So tight to never leave you behind

Watching every step of yours

Watching every breath of yours

Wishing each one wasn’t your last

Called upon all powers from above

To look upon you

To watch you sleep in peace

All I could feel is an aching heart

With One final kiss

I bid my Goodbyes…

You are my spark

That once lit my world

When I look at you

I miss that spark!

When Heart starts beating for somebody, we would feel every beat as precious BUT when that somebody vanishes from our life we feel every beat as PAIN…@Kikibee

This is an attempt to the Wednesday Prompt of last year in Half Baked Beans Publishing. I value your comments and likes… It would be great to know your views to the writings. 🙂




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