Free my mind


Have you ever felt like you walk among dead people?

Perhaps, you should look in the mirror once awhile, to see how much you lost your youthfulness!

So DO I…

The familiar classrooms filled with pranks, jokes and laughter was missing… all seem busy, carefree, fake… techno gadgets were around, and their thumbs convey the message! Nobody seems to bother the other person walking opposite, be it a senior or a needy one, the world doesn’t seems to care.

If ever, I could wish for a pair of wings may be one day I want to fly high and reach the sky, and feels what’s like in there? Dream Big. (They say) BUT What? Happiness and its essence in the serenity of its pureness flowing by… I want to see them smile… I want to feel their pride…

And may even touch the flavor of love…

NOW I’m dead too…Working for hours ensuring all pain free and smiles…

Just want to lie down in my lazy love and grab a book of my choice, munch on some junk and fast asleep.

Signing off


Ciao! 🙂

Its more than 100 words! This is a Saturday prompt of Feel free to comment! After long I’d blogged… feels like ages :S


4 thoughts on “Free my mind

  1. Love it, Jensy! I can’t help thinking of college days, the carefree life we led, sipping countless cuppa tea and coffee and bonding in a hotel that was in Pune. There was Orkut during those days but we bonded and met each other. Life has changed.


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