Betrayal but sweet

547752_427577557312381_498730227_nJames, “this is over! Everything between us is over!”

James wasn’t worthy of her… when he made another girl pregnant, unbelievable but shocking indeed.

SARAH”, Don’t do this to me; I wanted you and I love You!

STOP James! Don’t be ridiculous and make a scene here, my heart belongs to someone and I’m never the one for you, You have to be the father to that child.

I stood there with him when I turned towards gazebo and my heart couldn’t fade the ache away no sooner.

Sarah walked up to the aisle in her ivory white gown to the love of her life and he who always wanted the best in her.

Alan, Thank you for being there for me when I was broken, I Love you forever and want to be in your life until death do us apart, I’ve  never been perfect but with you we are perfect imperfectly together!

Sarah, With this ring I offer a symbol of my everlasting love , I love you ever since we were childhood friends, I’ve fallen for you unknowingly in love and I want us to be real, Be my love forever and marry me!

Yes, Alan! There is no one my heart wavers other than for you, Love you and Yes I’ll marry you simply forever”! They kissed their first kiss as man and wife *

 NOTE: This is an attempt to the response of Write Tribe Festival of words-Day 1 (9 Sentence Fiction.)


Since my server was down , I wasn’t able to post it. Hope you all like it 🙂


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