Blog Lov’ng

Today isn’t Day 2 of the blogging festival but I’d no other option but to update sooner. However, its a beautiful challenge like a stroll in my heart to know what’s your likes and dislikes. So here goes mine!love_is_a_game_by_bunnieflybubblepie-d3gc58r

Rahul Ashok, a young man from Cochin, Kerala who enlightens a moody person with his charm. We were strangers that got connected via blogging. This engineer fella is an avid reader cause of him I started reading books again. Thanks to you Man! And forgot to mention, we have numerous poems that we enjoy writing together and another one is coming soon.

Plus what say, His Haiku stuffs are mind-blowing cause whenever I read them, I wonder a lot. So man, you are indeed one super talented fella that I love to read and enjoy. Hats off and KEEP continuing your awesome work.

Vishal, another fella from B’town (Mumbai) who blogs on anything and everything. I love to read his version of political stuff cause most of the time its hilarious! (Provided you should be interested in Indian Politics) If I’m not wrong he had started blogging 7 years ago… Isn’t it Vishal? You can READ from Vishal himself vishalbheeroo

So Vishal, far ahead to read more of yours.

Another one is haathitime… which I liked reading. What I like about this blog is ‘she writes from her heart’ and so does Rekha rekhadhyani of Dew Drops. All their words sound so delightful and touchy.

And I love admiring Photography blogs and recently I came across Joshi Daniel’s Photography. You should check it too. It’s awesome! (a delight to your eyes)


you should even check this one too (Harold). Another one which I like wandering my thoughts into a bucketful! throughharoldslens

By the way, Read this one too and have a smile on your face if you plainly love words. at-festival-of-words


I LOVE THESE AND I’M DISCOVERING FEW OF THEM EVERY DAY. Many to come next in my blog love post! 🙂


This is an attempt to the response of Day 2 Blog Love conducted by Write Tribe. I’v shown my free love to few here who are part of this circle and not ! So feel free to check each one. Because all are beautiful in their own way… Have a good day to y’all!


6 thoughts on “Blog Lov’ng

  1. Thank you dear Jensy. I’m enjoying an emotional bath as I travel through your blog this morning. You are a very talented person. What a treat you bring you our world. Been gone for a bit. Traveling and such. I will never forget the fun I had writing about you being inspired by one of my tango images.


  2. Thanks a ton, Jensy:) Yeps, I started in 2007 but at that time, it was okay blogging. You are an amazing blogger and I am also a huge fan of Haathi Times and Rekha, of course. More power to you lady and love your amazingly sensual poems:)


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