I’m writing it in FREE!

Reading the title thrice doesn’t make any sense but I’m not in mood to correct it. (Cause my head is heavy and I’m not thinking it right)  So to the imperfect one I begin. This is the third day of the festival of words (March 2nd-March 8th) conducted by Write Tribe. And today it became perfect! (My net is working)Yes, I know I’m above awesome.medium_4898314

Not long ago, I wrote one so this post would be more or less the same. Nevertheless, with many snaps, it might be interesting. Finally, the third Day has come with yet another challenge ‘FREE WRITE’, not so challenging but an easy one.

After updating two posts, I’m thinking whether Corinne would agree for the third day post if I post it tomorrow because I’m awfully sick AND MY EYES are tired looking at the screen. My friend calls me and yells at me to take medication. I’m so lazy resting my butt on this soft mattress which I hardly don’t want to move.

AICHOOOO… AICHOOO… There goes my endless sneezes!

My roomie is awake from my sneezing asking me to switch off the room lights. I murmur yeah, yeh…

Am I crying?… How can I? (My eyes are watering) No way, its a happy day after all. YES! I talked to my dad in the morning after a long time. He sounded healthy and that was enough for me. Oh, yes how can I not mention. It’s his BIRTHDAY!!!! Yeah, my brother whatsapp me with this picture which I would share with you all. Yeah and he got a shirt too 🙂IMG-20140304-WA0000

Addition to this is a long tiring day filled with dance practice. Oh yes! I would have mentioned it in some other post but this seems right. PART OF ORAL HEALTH DAY, WE ARE ORGANISING A FLASH MOB in a mall here. Moreover, let it be a surprise to when and how. What. Okay later details.IMG_20140304_191624

And to end it all a throw ball practice. Yeah, got to know morning, I’m playing tomorrow for the inter batch Throwball match. Guess what I haven’t played for a long time.

With the final innings , yeah nonstop leaking ! Leaking? Yes, from the nose! Gross!…(Did you say that?)Smirks

Oh! I’ve to wake up early morning practice…ehhh…When will I be well enough?

Hastily moves my butt off the bed and groans to take a steamy meds…

All I wish is a peaceful sleep but my heart is saying otherwise to read some book in wattpad. Hehe..

Good Night people! Sweet Dreams 🙂

I’m off to sleep..

Kikibee (4th march 2014)


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