Book Review: Jennifer’s Garden

12188433Falling in love with a name on the covers had churned me with anticipation of what a Garden would bring in a romantic genre. With this book on my mind, I decided to review this little shiny cover book particularly picking it out of the romantic novels that I’ve been rolling my eyes off at each one every night. I can say it can even be misleading by the name too. When I suggested this to my friend, she too was in mixed emotions of whether a garden is a romantic pull! So Lets not judge by the cover, there is a story every writer narrates from heart… So I give a thumbs up. To every person, this won’t be the necessary ‘5 out of 5 star’ book but it has something that hooks!

This is an epitome of love –career relationship between a cardiologist Jennifer and Jackson Montogomery a landscaper. Moreover, it is a race against time with a mother’s dying wish to happily wed her daughter in to safe hands.  Jennifer has everything going right in her life: a career she loves, engaged to a wealthy man that she loves, and she has a beautiful home. However, for all the happiness she has in her life has its sadness of her mother’s terminal illness in its peak as a reminder for the day. Jennifer is engaged to be married to Aurello, who is in the process of opening a new art gallery. She is on search for a landscaper to finish her yard so she and Aurello can be married in her garden, which is her mother’s final wish. And for that proposal we have none other than Jackson Montogomery a recommendation from her colleague. She meets Jackson aka Jax at a party of her friend’s wedding where he is a bartender. She is surprised to see him at her doorstep next morning as a landscaper.

In addition, to the Jennifer criteria of a perfect husband, she is sure she won’t fall for him. He is not the type her social circle could fit but what draws her to him in 2 week time is an amazing landscaper which you would love reading the author description of a perfect garden landscaped- a pure ecstasy. In no time, she finds herself drawn to Jax. A reserved woman with her plans, decisions sketched out perfectly to an outside world, holds her spontaneous, carefree, and exploring her inimical desires with Jax. So when she is attracted to Jackson, she finds it trouble to hold on to a relationship that struggles her inner emotions and desires. With the help of her good friend Samantha Rawlings, and her mom Beatrice, Jennifer learns that she needs to be free from the shackles of self-discipline that rules her life, give into her true desires.. look beneath the surface and find the true love and happiness…

Apart fom a beautiful storyline is Dianne Venetta is detailed description of Jennifer’s garden packed full of thriving flowers, fountains and waterfalls, that will leave the reader yearning for their own little piece of paradise. The cascade of water splash make you feel home after a long work hour… with words like that…Yes! the writer grips us to a thought of heaven at home with a garden in picture. The other part of the story that captivated me was the loving relationship between Jennifer and her mom. Beautiful indeed!

I give it a 4 stars! An enjoyable read gives your heart a swing in romance! You can purchase this book at amazon or read it in wattpad too. Read it to find you in depth of romance filled in delight.51+jCThwt5L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_


 This is an attempt to the response of Write Tribe Festival of words. Looking forward to read more of Dianne books. So hope you like this one. writetribe/book-review

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