The Dancing Star

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.”

― A.P.J. Abdul KalamWings of Fire: An Autobiography

I saw her passion on fire onscreen stage when she flexed her body to the beats. That toned body was rolling on and off the stage with every step, her waist shook on rhythm. Somewhere in between her lines she said, it’s difficult to be a dancer from middle class family. All you got to work out is as a dancer.

Born to Brijmohan and Kusum, are three daughters in which all are part of stardom. Out of which Shakti Mohan is the Dancing star that no one fails to notice. MOREOVER, if she is dancing, you have an audience that appreciates her effort to fire the stage with determination and style. Originally, from Delhi, settled in Mumbai, she pursued her MA in political science and left her IAS dream to be a dancer for life. A dance diplomat from Terennce lewis trust 2009. She even declined further working with television onscreen series, Dil Dosti Dance for her to follow her dance scholarship from New York.

Why Shakti Mohan? Out of all people that inspires me my eyes goes wild and my heart stops beating when she dances. To see that determination and the grace she carries, a BIG thumbs up! Partly I wish I could be one like her, and wishing is it ok to be. Or will I get a chance to be one? No not Shakti Mohan! But a great dancer…like her! As I said, her determination hooks me to the screen.shakti-mohan

Hats Off Shakti!

Though Dentistry is my cup of tea, my heart warms up to this Dance love and even have thoughts of it during sleep!…I don’t know where I stand and what is it I should do. It’s always a question mark…

To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible!

P.S: This is an attempt to the response of Write Tribe Festival of Words. ( Hope you too had that aching(beautiful) feel (when you love dance) when you watch her on screen.




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