WomaninSpire change

iwd_squareHey, ‘Happy Woman’s Day’!

One of my good friends greeted me with a smile on his face.

I didn’t know what to reply…

Oh yes, thank you!

I wonder what’s with a day. After all everyday is a woman day. Isn’t it? I responded to a friend’s ears. Though she retorted saying, I was about to say ‘Same to you’ to that guy! I smiled.

Yes, I agree a day for us sounds like desperate! We deserve some pat on back but what happens at the end of  day, Silence! Because it never matter unless some chaos happen and whole world rants about it. And later what?1017423_482505215152948_1549264275_n

Every morning I see her warm face. And if I’m sleeping she slides into my bed and hugs me close. She kisses me and I know it’s her who else. I smile. I grew up, watching her more than my Dad around cause Dad was a workaholic from morning to night. The Woman had three children; a big house to look after and a job that takes away anybody sleep… Nurse, she had tiring shifts and at times with no maid to help. She know she has to do it with all love and affection after all her brave woman (my Granny) in the past fought for her happiness and education to the strong woman she is. A WONDERFUL WOMAN I love forever.

Stepping out of the house in that glazing black stilettos are just perfect match for a job requirement, But that’s just not the woman. If she can run through the heels and carry a kid in her arms and make sandwiches in morning. She knows she can do it a midst of all pressures. Ambition, opportunities and relationships aren’t just men way of dealing life, it’s a woman too. Only a difference that today still world hasn’t changed a tiny bit only with a man frowns on it when it’s addressed to woman.

Teaching sex education or health education doesn’t make any sense or even when you have sisters and mother to look after you. They molest you when you sit in bus peacefully or fallen asleep due to tiredness. They just can’t stop ogling or even end without their hands getting dirty or practically push in between the tiny space in bus to move in front when the ladies are jam packed. Because they know, they have a way for it all. Nobody would protest. Yes? The bus conductor is in joy as he flirts around and forces himself to budge in with every curvy butt in bus. Then there is always some random guy standing in front of LADIES SEAT not knowing whether to sit in there when the bus is full or if seated makes every effort to frown it’s a LADY seat.

Ladies aren’t object to be fantasized but with every effort we ink it on paper, quite opposite things happen. A numerous cautions from loved ones roll up out of fear of lives that’s there outside. They want to protect us but we don’t want them to guard us at all times. It’s like Freedom written on paper, voiced upon yet we don’t know its meaning or got it.

Is it possible?

Is it possible we can breathe in peace and less rattle our heads with fury of being weak? When we know we can fight, when we know we have a choice, when it’s all down there we can soar high in bliss. Is it possible? Is it possible we can walk free into any corners when we know we are in safe hands?

Is it possible?

The possible of change is what I hope for, I demand every woman out there, and men support all of us to ensure a world free of discrimination and sexual molestation. Don’t remain silent to the problems around you, rise and voice up. Be the change and make it happen every day of life! I’m proud to be a woman.

writetribe_festival_words_3P.S: This post is dedicated to all strong women and men there who supported and made a difference. Thank You writetribe.com/international-womens-day-2014/celebrating Women!


3 thoughts on “WomaninSpire change

  1. It isn’t a question of fighting, I think. It’s a question of raising the consciousness levels. Our media and our globalisation – both lower the consciousness levels and hence men become brutes…


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