A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cAre you all ready  for A to Z challenge? Yeaaaah??? Cause I’m !! From my next post you would see my A B C D E… Okay!! 😀

So here goes my  letters with topics for this week. 

A- A B Shetty in and out

B- What College life if you haven’t tried Bunking classes?

C- You Crushed my Heart!

D- Dancing forever with my soul

E- ExperienceS

Yes! You get to see these in my posts. My first post will be updated a little later cause of my tight schedule of dance practices as well as work. So hope to see your reviews and likes in each of them for this week. I’m excited, are you? 😉

So Let all of ussssss Blog!!!!! And create a blogkind with this biggest challenge of the year! 😀

With Love 



7 thoughts on “My A TO E

  1. We doing the same theme and it’s been quite a tribulation for you to reach the beautiful Shetty Hospital and the hostel room. I can see some similarities between our lives and also stayed in a hostel at Churchgate opposite Marine Drive. Absolute Wow POST:)


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