The Great A B Shetty!

A for A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore…

Hello Everyone! 🙂
Being a part of A to Z April blogging challenge is the biggest challenge that I’m taking part. It’s the first day and I’m already late. NERVOUS too! Moreover, there is no chance of wishing you all a fool’s day because I’m here to share my college memories. Therefore, by the time this is online it will be past a day. I deeply apologize from heart depth not being punctual. I please ask you all to bear with this timing thing because my schedule is so tight with endless tiring dance practices and work for the day. I hardly get time to update. Last night it crossed midnight when I reached my room so I’ve no assurance that my posts shall be on time. AND my wordpress has some problem in updating posts on scheduled time so I’ve to be physically present when updating it. So in many ways I’m Sorry!
Days passed after my CBSE results declared in 2009 April not knowing what my future awaits. I told my Dad to search a college to pursue English Literature. If not doc, I would rather choose English literature as my subject to follow my love for the language. Who knows Dentistry is my cup of tea? However, my dad didn’t lose hope of any colleges offering doctorate specially A b Shetty. The college that chose me though my parents paid. I was prepared to go anywhere to pursue my higher studies but was I Up for it? Different from the world I stay… every thought placed an impression in my head not knowing what I should AIM for. Or what AMBITION should I strive for! Everything had an A in it. They are the first letters for a reason to mark a personal life future.
Sleepless tearing nights were of no solution to my problems. Dad tried his best in this college and something nearly a positive reply came from the other end and that’s how I reached my second home.
As I reached Ram Bhavan, the woman behind the office complimented me for the dress I wore. She asked why didn’t I appear three days prior to write for the entrance examination of the university. Not that it made any difference in the money paid but the data in front of her showed something different. I was entitled as their student from a week itself when those weeks never reconcile my heart or my parents.
When my Dad smiled after submitting documents and so many days of work behind my future, I breathe in peace. The ride to Deralakatte was like hours since the last day trip from Kerala to Karnataka was tedious. The barren lands with no much life left a trail behind as each tree or shop passed with a horrid humid climate to gasp in air. And this is the only view that is pleasant to eye as you pass each day to cross to my college. 391757_4337872097165_1031442130_n
Like the tiny tots with parents to guide them, everywhere I saw them. It was different weirdness to me. My college didn’t look like a college but… may be a hospital. A midst of all students were people walking to and fro from hospital to another medical hospital. As I step to seventh floor of the college building, the ceremony was over.  With lots of strangers around, it hardly looked like home. OR even anything close. Nerds and geeks in white coats lurking every corner,  every where. MY dad beaming in happiness advised me to wear neat ‘glowing’ white aprons. the first ever advice I got!

college photo As I reached girls hostel to find a room, I shrieked. With a thousand doubtful questions in head, I had a smile plastered. Yes, I’m happy but am I? Parents were returning home that night itself and that made me tremble. So was I supposed to stay in here for like FIVE YEARS? NOOO… looking at their gloomy faces I heart rending smiled, Yes I’m staying.

A lot of things has changed ever since my life from first day. Five Years! This college never made me say if somewhere else, will it be better. Mangalore became my home with teachers, friends and patients as home. And DENTISTRY a perfect choice to follow medicine as well as art! After five years of my college life, I don’t regret choosing here.
I can’t compare my college to any best facility-wise college. HOWEVER, it gets ‘A’ grade(Not know HOW)! It’s the one of the best college providing dental education. I can’t DENY that. In addition, the best part of it is the number of festivals and parties organised where all come together to celebrate. If given another chance, I would like to pursue my post graduation here itself. 😀 I love A B Shetty though it isn’t the best available, I only can opt for this one.

P.S: I’m done with my first day challenge. I look forward to your first day challenging posts and in return comments and likes for mine. 😀 Good Day!


7 thoughts on “The Great ABSMIDS

  1. Hey m yet to join ABSMIDS. I wanna know more about the hostel life nd frnds u get there?
    Did u hv frnds who u knew bfre or totallly new ones? And how easy is it to me frnds?
    thanks 🙂


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