Any body can Dance!

DLately the world has been telling me to dance. Dance like no one is watching!

It all started with trance music playing background and unknowingly I stepped up and moved side to side. Two shots of vodka, I was high, and God knows what happened. Looking around at all the dancers shaking, I was buzzed. Oh may be I need one more? Like a live wire, I hit on the dance floor with my friend Bettina swirling around. That’s when I knew I’m born party shaker. I can’t remain silent in a theater nor be the non- laughing out loud one.

Traditional music grooves me into classical touch but when a rock pop sounds louder, I can’t help but to shake shoulders and bounce the rest. College was no less when it came to dance. Everywhere I studied, there were lot of dancing stuff to do and last three weeks were nothing less but dancing. It began with world oral health day celebration practices to cultural programs in this year. Flash mob to western solo, had a great time! The fact is I’m never done dancing. It’s like the passion that waves higher when you see lot of dancers heating up on stage. Moreover, you just admire to be one of them.971606_607469116001829_131387493_n

ANY BODY CAN DANCE– as the music grooves in feels the beat and just let go all your worries. You would be mesmerized by the music that takes you places. When you think it’s all over, it would just be the beginning, or the middle but never the end. College too added lot of memories to dance extravaganza. It shall be never be the same once I end here. The dance, the fun, the music… wish to relive every moment once again. So turn up the music, move right round and shake your voluptuous hips! 😀

Dance is the Joy Of Existence! -Rumi 



6 thoughts on “Any body can Dance!

  1. Absolutely delightful post, Jensy as you took me back to the college memories. Reminded me of dancing like mad after gulping Vodka shots in parties or Shiamak Dawar workshop in college. You are back, Jensy:)


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