He Crushed my heart!

COh c’mon if you haven’t had that one person who hit cupids at your heart. One person, naaah! I’m sure there are many? Yeah! College won’t be fun without the bunch of candies.

“And there goes my endless crushes”, sighs Jen


No, I’m not… I just stick on to one!

There goes my cupid-dribbling ball to the court up to the basket and scores! Whoaaa, I scream! Like every other lunatic girl except I don’t scream. My heart wavers… geez Is that really happening. Duhh

A Haiku attempt for my candy crushes, if that really a haiku…

As he curve his smile
My heart wavers in his devious
Glare a new chick DAMN!

And THAT is the story of my life 😀

By the way he is a tutor joined in nearby college. Only thing is I see him once in blue moon and that too when he is in basketball court. <Relief>

P.S: With everyone participating actively in A to Z challenge, I feel left out without posting my challenge. Taking it slow and hope to complete it soon.

C for crushes, betches! What life without a crush? I know you have it too. Lets hear them!!! 😀 


4 thoughts on “He Crushed my heart!

  1. What’s life without crushes, Jensy?! It forms part of the beauty surrounding college memories and it makes memories..had ma fair share..still rmbr one of ma first crush who got married and she invited me via fb.
    Confession of sort: Imagine the virtual world to be real, I’d have a harmless crush on you, i think I have::)
    Great post


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