This post is written on behalf of April A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014 on the letter E.E

I don’t know what was I thinking when I jotted down experience as the subject for E. Was It College experience or Life experiences? I’m not old enough to write on these, says who? (I think so :D)
For those who stepped into college life, you’ve to be ready for the roller coaster ride. Because it’s fun if you know how to enjoy it. Freshman year get accustomed to all the senior rules and negotiations cause it won’t be the same once enter your second year. You’d have gained a pair of seniority horns. Being a part of all the events… to escape ragging at times… then what else… nobody to judge you… unless you come in a conversation with a senior and they say, “Oh, I thought you were like this! You are more like the conservative type… Really ??? aah… The conversation goes and doesn’t make sense to either listener or the speaker.

Unlike first year, second year is more like competition. The aggression to beat others be it a sport, academics or cultural. Well the memories kids wanted to add… yeah specially the parties…house party, college party… you name it, and there is a party in town. Burst into a college crowd and sing along the pop song that all knows as if the entire bar is singing along. Trips to places you never lay eyes on, okay that come in your third year or may be second year. I went for my first trip in my second year. ‘Very awesome’ with just four girls!college-poor-and-drunk
Third year smooth and shine with union batch rocking and rolling till the end. Organizing events, college fund and dates of a whole year just cause you are in the union council! At the end, you can try to sneak some money and free things that you can get along with each program. Relying on somebody to get you a proxy if you’re lucky. You just come and sit in the big classroom. Sometimes there are no classes, like free for half a year. And Tripping a lot!!! That’s for another post. Final Year (Oh God) That’s hard part! Lots of patients to deal and you even ask yourself after treating many of them. Have they never seen Tooth Brush and paste? :O
A person who never been to Library sees it in its last year. Oh me? I never had to use it much. However, it’s pretty. It’s annoying when all get to ask, what you doing in here… and the rest of your family history. The best part is you capture a view of Library floor and instagram it.hncasvd

“OMG, the geek is in Library!”


The phase of life where everybody think alike, you need money go abroad. “Yes after this, I shall settle down abroad. No… No! You can contact me via Facebook or Twitter”.

Oh! Who knows what next?
It’s good to have friends with benefits as well as friends that stick around. Just for when one goes, you can hire another one. That’s the college story of friendship unless one is lazy to find a new friend like me.
Act like a Boss in college… smiling to strangers, passing comments aloud making sure the other person at the end hear.4a7rtge
Preparing for exams one-week earlier or terminal exams one day before and still trying to get a pass or fill the blank paper! We are genius, ain’t?

Mondays are mourn-days! Got to deal with it every week and the following days are like Mondays just THE half package DEAL whie you reach Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are the official party days. I’m sure Work peeps agree with me? ;Dimages


Yes, I’ve a party tonight to attend. Girly time! 😀 Ciao. Cheers. xoxo

By the way, for college ‘no experience’ required. It’s ALWAYS a Hit and Run scenario! 😀



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