What’s on your mind, Fakebook?

This post is strictly on behalf of April Blogging challenge 2014 on the subject College memories. And the F we all know about! 😀F

Facebook has been part of life just like Oxygen. Whattt Oxygennnnnnn!! (NOOO) Was that too much? Oh may be! (thinking) Was it the twenty times I checked facebook today? Naah, Did I?images

1000+ Friends… What? Are you kidding me??? I’m sure they are fake ones….!!!
Nooo! I’m quite popular that’s why… <winks>
My friend: Tell me, how many are your friends? :O
Bro: Who’s this fellow who commented in your profile picture? :@
Sis: Mommyyyy, Look at her profile picture!!!! :O
Mom: What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have anything to study? 24 hours I see you in Facebook… :@Blah Blah….

And You! You not into any confrontation that you up to no good cause all you feel is Facebook isn’t addictive! It isn’t… A social network THAT does a good job. 😀

images (1)
Friend: Really? Then like my profile picture!
Me: Looks at her. Huh! FINE!

Scrolls down to the endless updates and finds your crush online.
Me: Hiiii
Crush: Heyyy


Me: (thinks for awhile) Do we have to submit Chemistry assignment tomorrow?


Again scrolls down… To find people who were your juniors of school ‘who knows you’ but you haven’t heard of them because you never talked to them. To some you suffer the momentary amnesia of unknown people that were your friends just because she/he got another friend or maybe they lost touch with you. (Whatever?)

Hey, I thought we were friends! What you doing these days????

Me: <wants to say… eating r amen noodles> Oh I’m in my last year of college! And you??? (fake tone)

I admit good riddance starts with striking off some friends who you never knew and added you just cause you were his/her senior or appear to be in your school/ college. Will you do, Mr/ Ms Popular?



Do you constantly change your profile picture?


If I get bored with the previous one, I change to the next one and if not another one.

OK, so that’s like once in a year? Two?

What no!! Once in two weeks… or a week…


Okay so how often you take selfies?


Love them!.. (Takes the phone.. beep!) Look at me… look at me in this one! See I’m at the Hard Rock Cafe with a drink in my hand, Isn’t it cool? Oh ok you didn’t like it? Or How about this one?!!!!! Me in bathing suit at Miami Beach Ok Ok… So you change your profile pictures like changing boyfriends?


What’s on your mind, Missi?

Oh that’s simple…10169466_653045188083578_7089535510708104556_n


“I’m H-U-N-G-R-Y”

We went to INOX for the —– Film first show !!!

There by follows the comments… likes and the rest of us like me ignores…


How Good are you at general knowledge at a rating of 1-5 ?

GK! What and why?
Oh relax dude!… You know the fight between Congress and BJP going on??? WHAT! When? WHERE??? The show is continued with the rest assured with no harm and detailed foul language.
You want to prove yourself that you are the most important person on Facebook and all your comments should be appreciated even if they are fighting via comments about X, Y or Z! (Log on to facebook.com and search #election2014)

With 300 photos is nothing less in a year but too much of doodling with your significant other… ahh everybody attention is here!

images (3)“Love you Baby!”
“See you tonight, xoxo!”
“Wear that sexy dress you wore the other night”
“Ok Hun! See you soon…” (Special Kiss xxxxx )

Not to forget the hash tags!!! #I #LOVE #YOU #MUNCHKIN

Dear Facebook,

I’m solemnly sorry from the bottom of my heart for misusing you throughout my life. It’s not you, it’s me to be blamed for. I need to figure out things with you, Lucy and me! Its always you both, I treasured. Nevertheless, you make me hate myself to the extent that as I go through the pictures and countless posts of my so-called friends. Their freedom of living and my four-walled life can’t even compared. I know it’s pathetic to read my words of jealousy and disapproval of everything under the sky in your name.
You remember the day I posted that picture of me standing on college roof, I got 200+ likes, and I felt for one moment the most popular person on facebook. Cool wasn’t it? But when another friend of mine posted his BMW car picture online and the network got crazy with likes and comments!!! AND me FORGOTTEN! When Mr Popular updated his status on an exam question online and surprisingly answers were too many!! whyyyyy… why not me????

STILL haven’t I been faithful following you everywhere? Your attention and loveeee is what i needed the most

Will you?

Nobody 😦

Kikibee signing off! 😀

Hope to see your comments, likes and love in here 😉 I’m waiting…

(Time for another selfie! 😀 ) tadaaaa… click! <<<Please try again later>>> (annoyed) :@


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