Girls Rep Over and Out

This post is written for the April Blogging challenge 2014 for the theme College Life A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775c

As all have reached to the end of greatest blogging challenge of the year, I’m still stuck with G in here! After three months of Rural postings and the times of bunking, holidaying in Gokarna, Goa and Bangalore. I’m Back! Before the next dose of tripping starts, I should finish what I started. So here goes my G for the April Blogging Challenge with the theme College life. Remember if you following my blog, you’d know. So here is my perspective of what a girls representative comes through.

Introducing The Girls Rep Over and Out!

The kind of woman who when her feet hit the floor the devil says, ‘Oh Crap she is coming!’

Fresher’s: Good Morning ma’am! <squeaky voices>

Girls Representative: <Ignores>

Good Morning MAAM!!! <Hyperactive tone>

GR <startles and looks around>


Hey! Why you didn’t come for last day program?

Mam… Maam I’d bad migraine and I couldn’t come.

What? Tell me what’s migraine? Symptoms?

Mamm… mamm..

You said you’d migraine and what now?

Climb the stairs, go to Library, and check the symptoms. Be here in 8 minutes. Precise. 8 MINUTES!

Yes mam!

Walks off…


Group of fresher’s gathered around the café.

Hey, ‘who’s that beytch? She was jacking Anne!’

Other one: Oh you don’t know. She is the Girls Rep!

Oh Oh! She is scaryyy but killer looks… I bet she scares her boyfriend even..!

At 8pm break before the next program.

<Fresher faints>

Takes her to the hospital

F: Mam, should we stay along with her?

GR: It’s okay. YOU people can leave. I’l be here until midnight.

Patient: It’s fine mam… I’m alright… You can leave. My friends are hereee…

GR: And leave you behind with group of bravos huh! Chill I’m here.

(Turns around)

“You guys can leave”

Freshers:  Oookay mam. Cool. <Smiles>

<Walks pass the door>Whoa. She isn’t a terror.

Yeah Unbelievable!


Batch mates sat around the class representative of first years.

President (Union Council): Hey, tell me the scariest female senior?

First Year: After deep thought, points hand at me.

President: WHOA. Isn’t she good at the job!

Me: WHAT! Am I? <Embarassed>


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe isn’t cool when she bosses around or turns from Ms. ‘sweet’ to ‘the pain in ass’ in split seconds when tackling some juniors with hormonal dysfunction and naïve. Unless you stand up and direct them in right way to enjoy life, <LOL> GR! All the good times and bad as well comes to an end with the bitch saying “Adieu to the GIRLS Representative” 🙂 🙂



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