Hostel Life, Sister!

This post is written on behalf of April blogging challenge 2014 theme ‘College Life’ for the letter H!H

Hostel… I know you’ve been there too. 4 or 5 years or 8-10 years!
Nobody comes with an instruction manual how to deal with life unless in easy stick! To adjust with people dealing with different frequencies and insanity level unless you write a book of your own. And a Girl’s hostel, a mishmash of hormones, tampons, dramas, responsibilities, craziness and laughter. Moving from the comfort zone of your nest with home cooked food, fast cash and continuous water supply to a crazy girl of girl’s hostel is complete NO NO, but fun. Everyone knows what a hostel life could be; I don’t have to elaborate further. It isn’t luxury but memories of a second living space unless hostel isn’t a HOME but a jail!

Five Points why Hostel a Go Go!

1. You can share stuffs or extend your wardrobe comes with benefits only with a roomie/best friends.
2. Hostel life is always a handy. In times of University exams or down with cold, you always can rely on Ms. XYZ to make a black coffee, wake you up, or bring food up the room!
3. You meet many people from different states and plus you get to know them, their culture and not just the random stereotype.
4. MOVIES! Yeah you never get tired of them. Cause your friends are life saver when it gets you out of boredom through never ending series or movies.
5. Sleep over! Even if it’s hangover or late night movie or dancing all night, it’s always a pleasure.

Five dislikes why Hostel NO NO:

1. Common Bathroom unless you gifted a bathroom of your own
2. Annoying Warden and Security
3. Privacy compromised at times and hell lot of gossips you never knew.
4. Food! I hate the food. Every week same food, same taste and same quantity.
5. Stolen stuff! Thievery is punishable but not in hostels when your best ‘buddy’ steals your things.

20140421_1kk60711Pic Courtesy: Jensy George and That’s me 🙂

There would be million reasons why hostel great and bad but I shall miss my hostel. It was freedom that I can do anything and be anyone I want to be. Breaking rules and entering hostel late has been a pleasure. 😀

Today’s post is simple and humble and thanks for reading Hostel Life, Sister! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hostel Life, Sister!

  1. Me too! Been a hostel boy for two awesome years and there were bad and the day’s end, teaches us a lot..faced the ragging but became friends with the guys..hostel food wasn’t that bad but became boring..I would say it takes few months of adjustment since u face a wall, strict warden and not in confine of ur hall/tv room/kitchen. I cherish the independence and friends made…btw, like ur hostel building::)


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