I’m sorry my child

9 thoughts on “I’m sorry my child”

  1. See, how these kind of very minute events made your memories about her so special, always..! You’re indeed a lucky idiot to have a mom like her. All dual respects and love to mom. They’re the best in this world!!

    PS: Have got a job related info to be shared with you! Shall ping you there in Whatsapp soon. Stay happy, Scorpion gal. 😀 🙂

    – Rahul


    1. Yeah she is special in her own way! AND I’d call her cool mom rather than simple… Best angels in world! She is my doc 🙂 🙂 hehe…

      PS: I’m wondering what!!! 😀



    1. Thank you Vishal 🙂 Yeah remembered crying that whole day just because I thought my mom hates me the most amongst three of us. 🙂 hehe.. when I think about it now, feels so childish!


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