I’m sorry my child

10003332_599083906828411_1435333208_n“Mom, How can you hurt me? It’s the second time today! You cut my finger with that knife”
So what, Kiki? It’s your fault… You know I’m cutting here vegetables!
You’re stubborn!! Huff…. MOM!
A pool of blood clotted in the carpet besides her bed, depressed she let it go and slept off.
Her mom kneel by her side and took her palm on hers with tears welled up her eyes and slowly blown it, took the band-aid and whispered I’m sorry… dear…

PS: This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Dear Mom,

I’m sure you remember this incident when you told me to study and I was stubborn to go out and play with my brother. Everything that day turn out to be havoc. I know it’s late… but I’m sorry maa… I know you did for my good. Today when I’m here miles away from you… knowing that you’ve another child in your arms to take care as granny and I’m sure you’d take care of her just like you taught us three crazy ones to live life strongly…

I owe it you maa my life…

Love Kiki

Author Notes: My mom is a granny so do me being an aunt.  🙂 The great thing about my mom is, she took care of us three notorious ones when she had to deal house hold, food, my dad and her 12 hour job as nurse. Still now my friend Nishita asks me, How did my mom being a nurse took care of us three?

Nishi’s mom does part time job of taking care of kids. In that 80% children are nurse kids. So she calls my mom ‘the Super Mom’!

For me she is my angel who heals me through her love! Miss you mommy… 


9 thoughts on “I’m sorry my child

  1. See, how these kind of very minute events made your memories about her so special, always..! You’re indeed a lucky idiot to have a mom like her. All dual respects and love to mom. They’re the best in this world!!

    PS: Have got a job related info to be shared with you! Shall ping you there in Whatsapp soon. Stay happy, Scorpion gal. 😀 🙂

    – Rahul


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