The Phenomenal Woman

Glad to make it to writetribe prompt for the day. Settling down at my house but before, I know I’d be back to my college so soon. (Sad but I’m trying to make the most of my time here happy) So I’ve written a previous post on Maya expressing my views on her however, write tribe asked to quote on my favorite quote of hers.maya-angelou

All I knew were some of her quotes like three or four. Just like everybody appreciating her quotes on facebook, google plus and twitter, I too got my fair of share from all three because of her demise that flaunt all over world with her inspirational quotes and her phenomena.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Like every odd person trying to spend countless hours watching TV series. I too began my routine with every possible character until when I occasionally check whatsapp and facebook. I guess in between I saw this particular line on my homepage posted by somebody in facebook. Maya Angelou, Not knowing who she is, I just tossed my mind somewhere else with a passing thought of some infamous author published a thought-provoking one for me. I smiled. But It was ‘God-moment’ of noticing it from my dead mode. But!!! How to be? I asked myself. How am I supposed to be content?

Just like the quote, I know I’ve to fly high, with whatever I choose I’ve to happy for a longer span of life. What! It irked me…

What plans after this? Sick with every annoying tone of asking this irresistible question repeatedly, I’m frustrated to know what next. When people figures it out so easily, I wonder if life could bring answers when I want to know. SO I decided to remain silent and sit here idle and think whatever in peace. Writing down options and striking them mentally just to make myself at ease is the best solution I came up.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

I wish to be the rainbow in my own clouds first than others because all are two-faced person just one face needs a slap now and then. (Wondering what am I talking about two-faced people? -That’s another story*) SO if I don’t pour happiness in my own body, there is no point of spreading the smell of its very essence in others. Moreover, I can tell the several times I bring smiles to faces that I see around but nobody can wipe out their inner grief. (Hehe! Proud, am I?) With every degree of pain patients come bragging in, I wonder is there an end to this all misery! Hehe… if no dental problems then doctors shall be jobless, I know! But what’s more miserable is patient’s treated with other medical problems comes in and had to wait for long for dental treatment. Some in wheel chairs and some awfully off-color!
Once this old person came in with a toothache and was on treatment for neurological problems for 2 years. When asked about history, she was bragging about medications not working, pain being there, and sleepless nights. What could have been ‘lateral pterygoid spasm’ or simple loose teeth or a grossly decayed third molar in her mouth went to a ramble of other neurological problems! To the sleepless nights, urge to eat calmly and not to annoy her son and relatives or any one anymore was all she’d have thought to smile again. Mercy! What more is a pleasing sight of a smile when you’ve offered to assist her case and listen to her problems.
It’s easy to see her emotion but when you whine, there’d be Nobody to hear yours or offer a pat in your back. Because it’s the same thing yesterday, today and tomorrow maybe unless some saviour comes to help you out. Helping her at her most depressed time would have taken my whole morning but if; it had eased of her pain at slight bit. I’m happy. Because it took away my sorrows for a moment and never I’d to think about it that day.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ― Francis of Assisi

Ending with another quote; for whatever we do in life, we get it back good or bad and that’s Karma…


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