Wish you were here, “RAWR”!

Vidya-Sury-schoolThis photo is the prompt for writetribe.com 100-words-on-saturday and the picture credits to Vidya Sury, an amazing blogger. Thank you Vidya Sury for this prompt.

Sitting at the doorstep, she gazed onto the blue sky. Humid drops bubbled down her spine. Walking across the compound, she picked up the dry fallen blooms, stumbled and kicked the giant cut.

“Ouch”, what the hell!

The purple wooden chunk lay near the meadow dried and lonely eternally at ease.

Jimmy pouncing in the wood bestowed her mind as vibrant as earlier for the first time. Waiting nearby made her heart churn with his mischievous chase, smelling on all likely…and his missing barks no longer real…


‘Wish you were here…RAWR’


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