Book Review: Matters of the Heart

matters_heartOh, don’t get it wrong! I know it’s a nice title. Overwhelming with romantic emotions and way beyond imagination when you think it didn’t reach up to any of your expectations.  BUT, the subtitle says it all, ‘Beneath the charm, there lurked the dangers of an obsessive love‘.

Danielle Fernandes Dominsque Schuelein Steel in short what  you’d know as Danielle Steel brings to you Matters of the heart out of her many written compositions published. This American author has several to her hand in years. Among those, this being the second one  I read of hers. First being ‘Happy Birthday’ a typical female oriented story where some things make sense and others quite romantic.

Reading first few pages gets a glimpse of strong independent female photographer Hope having her time of life. A journey from darkness to light as author describes her independent single life from heartbroken of an ex husband having cancer at an early age as dark and lightness basks in love or finds hope in cracks of mundane life. She could feel the mixed emotions of joy and grief as the serenity of every nook and corner of world as she looks through the lens falls in her eyes. She isn’t looking for Mr perfect but it all falls in place as she gets this offer to shoot for a celebrated writer and wants her to photo shoot him.

With money comes success as does his charms, Finn O’Neil is a ticket to happiness and ‘perfect life’ to the quite despairing Hope. They instantly fall for each other and finds one another irresistible.  In midst of Danielle story about obsessive love and dark secrets, there are missing links in his lines, the lies in his innocence, and bouts of jealousy that unnerves her bringing us to a conclusion of  Hope both in confused, and ultimately frightened of the man she loves. What more lies is the adoring man of hers hiding? Is it possible if it could be any worse? Would a sociopath could have a powerful influence on an average person into the trap being emotionally wrecked.

All too soon the story begins with a strong character and ends in a naive love. It’s not a jigsaw puzzle cause the mystery unveils too quickly.

I personally didn’t like the writing style because it’s more like a rich lady-poor man or a rich man- poor lady gets the story ride to best seller easy. Typical love scheme I’d say.

If nothing, toss up for this one. Quick to read and simple language!

2 stars out of 5 🙂 This book is available in amazon, ebay and all the book marts. Good Day to you all! Stay tuned. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Matters of the Heart

  1. Awesome review Jensy. 🙂 I must say the way you expressed the good and bad things about the book is really incredible. Keep up the good work…


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