Book Review: The Sins of the Father

With great title comes, better expectations! You’d look at the title and wonder what it could probably be but that’s what the author wants to convey in the book. You’d be whisked by the imagination he brings into fiction by those magical words.


In the second installment of his five PART drama is during 1930 to 1945 happening around England and New York where Harry Clifton dies at the end. Whoops! Really? (Kidding!) The prequel starts from where the first book ends so you have to read the first one in order to know the second volume.

Jeffrey the Author knows to dangle us in suspense. The narrative structure is just the same as the first book revealing the different perspective of each character peeling layer by layer into different forms. Archer connects all these characters expressing their views into one strong main character Harry Clifton. In this sequel, there is a promising future for Emma Barrington and Clifton. However, things don’t fall in place once Harry gets to know the long buried family secret and he doesn’t get to marry his love. In addition, since the Britain had declared war on Germany, he decided to join merchant navy. Nevertheless, his ship sinks in ocean and all his crew members die except him and an American sailor Tom Bradshaw that gets rescued by American cruise liner Kansas. Bradshaw dies that following night and In order to remain safe and forget his past, Harry assumes a different identity. What awaited him in New York is a total surprise of six years of prison life as Tom Bradshaw which is far worse than his past!

I personally felt the first book is much better than this one because the suspense is realistic but here isn’t one you quite live up to your expectations. I still read it on cause I want to know what could be the ending. In the middle it’s bit dragging but it’s okay if you just turn pages and try to understand what Archer would like to tell through his story. Presently I’m onto the fourth volume and I feel its OK to read it. CAUSE for some unknown reason I like the way its written plus it has some tale to it. I liked towards the ending where Clifton joins Merchant Navy and its a suspense when he is handcuffed with a different identity. Now rest is up to you to judge. This isn’t the best book of what he is written but you got to read the story to know what comes next.

Read on this perk stuff even if its slow. Give a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

Good day to y’all.


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