Book Review: The Best Kept Secret

13 thoughts on “Book Review: The Best Kept Secret”

  1. Interesting review there 🙂 The Clifton Chronicles was one of Archer’s best sagas. But I found Be careful what you wish for was a slightly more dampened version. But then again, could be just me.


  2. Ummmmm….! Sounds pretty interesting. I thought of going through it many times before when I was at the library. Although I haven’t ever read any of Archer’s work yet. Pani kittuvo? 😀 😛
    – Rahul


      1. Oh, yea! Sure. I’ll order a copy soon. 🙂 ANy other good suggestions?
        .P.S. Yo yo! It seems you’re back on #blogging. I’ll go thoroughly through your recently updated posts soon!
        – Rahul


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