Book Review: The Best Kept Secret

Out of the Clifton series, this is definitely the third installment of five-part series that Archer left us dazzle in a cliffhanger. Jeffrey portrays the extremity from both evil and excellent qualities, never a middle term for happy go-lucky but only with clear-cut characterization and the most evident British penchant writing style!

Jeffrey Archer Launches Best Kept Secret Book

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 In 1945-1957, the Clifton saga begins with the Lord Harvey death and that unusual mystery of his non-existence or is it the author felt like to kill a character? (He vanishes into thin air!) Moreover, with the House of Lords deciding on who would inherit the Barrington fortune, they cast a vote from both ends to opt the last fate to a long family tie with the lives of both Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington future. As Harry returns to America to promote his latest novel, his beloved Emma goes in search of an abandoned girl, Jessica Smith her stepsister, the sole witness to her father’s demise found at the night of her father’s office.

When the general election affirmed, Giles Barrington defends his seat in the House of Commons and is horrified to discover the conservatives select against him. The old rivalry gets back in terms of Election as Virginia takes Fischer side to defeat Giles.  However, when the vote is to be decided fisher gets the most. Nevertheless, at last Sebastian Clifton influences his uncle’s destiny.  The death of Elizabeth Barrington (Emma’s Mother) is depressing because that marks the end of a very good daring character and the Lady Virginia brings a slight selfish scheming charm to the book with her being married to Giles and their life together ending soon.

Later Sebastian wins a scholarship to Cambridge and his family is proud of him. After Sebastian is expelled from school, the story line gets a twist with he gets embroiled in an international fraud case involving an art statue that is worth millions than the auction sale as Argentina crook Don Pedro Martinez lures him into trap. Will he be caught in the act or will he be expelled from Cambridge? Would his family punish him? Is his life in danger with an international fraud in loose?

In twisting plots, Archer ensnare us into the lives of Harry Clifton, Emma Barrington, Giles Barrington and Sebastian in terms of love, family and politics. And as always the author kept us in toes, flipping through pages with twists and interesting turns as he has won our hearts in these political plots in more than 250 million copies gone worldwide.

Now what attributes to the title is still a doubtful- Could it be the Jessica well-kept parentage secret or the final twist.

Well well well… What say! There isn’t nothing negative with all due positive, I favour it for 4/5. Oh, I’m the bad teacher and I never give full stars. May be the best-EST of all awaiting somewhere. Truly worth the wait and my eyes are on to the next book on queue “Be careful what you wish for”.

There are amazing offers available in eBay and Flipkart. Please do check out or drop in to nearest library and grab a copy. Keep reading 🙂 Good Day to y’all!


13 thoughts on “Book Review: The Best Kept Secret

  1. Interesting review there 🙂 The Clifton Chronicles was one of Archer’s best sagas. But I found Be careful what you wish for was a slightly more dampened version. But then again, could be just me.


  2. Ummmmm….! Sounds pretty interesting. I thought of going through it many times before when I was at the library. Although I haven’t ever read any of Archer’s work yet. Pani kittuvo? 😀 😛
    – Rahul


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