The Other Side of Fear

12 thoughts on “The Other Side of Fear”

  1. Your post does make one realise that the smallest of things can annihilate just the greatest of forces. A four letter word(fear) can destroy a seven-letter word(success). Its better we understand for our own good and keep this four letter word out of our dictionaries. Loved the sentence “The worst part about being strong is no one ever asks if you’re okay”.
    Nice post..:)


  2. I have four fears: Entomophobia (Especially Arachnophobia), Claustrophobia, Allodoxaphobia in the sense of confrontation, and Acrophobia. The way I deal with it, is stay the hell away from it. 🙂 There is no other alternative for me. I absolutely refuse to face my fears head-on. In fact, avoiding it helps me a great deal . . . I suppose each person deals with their fears in different ways. xx


  3. That is true.. Fears do affect us sometimes even unknowingly. But ignoring the fear thinking its irrelevant and will go away on its own is sometimes not the right thing to do. Its only when you accept what you fear and why that you are able to rid yourself of it totally.


    1. Thank you Atiba for dropping by.😄I feel if you ignore fear, it would invade you more than previous intense. So its better to feel fear rather escaping the monster.


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