We the Illiterate Literary India

15 thoughts on “We the Illiterate Literary India”

  1. You know I’ve read a lot of posts on this topic and everyone has so much anger that we are ruining what could be a beautiful country. I think it’s good that we at least are aware that what’s happening is wrong so that we can educate people and hope for the best in the generation to come.
    Very nicely written piece…by the way…I wish everyone could be like the panda! 🙂


    1. Thank You Preeti and Yes PANDA is so cool 🙂

      We had seen India, in fact we see it daily but its our nature to let go what ever happening around us to a not bothered phase that’s actually making it worse. I really appreciate if people do care about it as they consider their own home.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂


  2. Jensy, You have highlighted so many relevant points here that too with apt pics.
    ‘Pictures speak more than a thousand words’.
    Jumping the Queues, Parking Wrongly, Sticking Bills… List is huge…
    I love the lines at the end of your Post, mostly in CAPITAL LETTERS.
    Thanks for conveying the message.


    1. Thank You 🙂 What they fail to learn is manners and that completes education! You can’t call people educated just because they’ve got higher degrees or luxury in their hands. It’s how you treat your inferiors and your surroundings. At the end your character, health and better living what matters!…


  3. Beautifully covered. Ever wondered why we can’t change? Indians are good at converting the literates into illiterates, all-seeing into blind and better into bad!


    1. So true Manu! If world could be a better place to live, the first place I’d ask is India. Such beautiful heritage and culture we have in our place, it’s tough to see people being irresponsible day by day. The amount of incidents happening around makes it a less safe place to live by…


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