Wordless Wednesday #1

Bluetooth FolderThousands of emotions spin through my mind, I can’t relate which, and which is the one that’s actually bothering me. Is it the dark clouds sneaking in about to shower? Or the beautiful weather that creates an amazing vision that lurks back of my head! Is it the view that I just want to fall in? Or that profound desire to fly high without any feelings… I’d rather call it ‘Home sweet Home’. But this isn’t her home but a sight from her room window. A view that I’d never ever see again… She is leaving this place forever unless she decides to come by and visit this lonesome.

“Lonesome”, Are you kidding me?

“I know you’ve other friends”! She laughs.

I’ve no words to say. I know there is no point in answering her back. Void… That’s what I feel yesterday…now… and after she left…

P.S: This picture is taken last Wednesday. From today opens a new segment launches in my blog and that is ‘Wordless Wednesday‘ where I pen down some ramblings. Do comment and let me know if it rings you any emotion, laugh or tear up! (Lol) Have a good day 🙂


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