To Our Greatest Teacher

1896812_593263934077075_809516286_nThe day when she heard our cry, she smiled. She couldn’t be more happier than what she asked in her life. When he held you to his chest, he never had been so proud. That was our first love. Next down the road, we had siblings to hold onto as friends, guide and the never-ending fights in us. Family.

To our first teacher, we shall never ever forget her smile and the way she expresses to make us understand. From the time, we love to rhyme A-B-C-D… she encourages further to our first song. That was just the beginning we beamed in pride.

We could speak just as our elders did. They called us Big Girl/Boy when we knew languages to read and speak. We were growing up. I said that to myself. I never knew what waits for me. So shall be it. School. I’d called it.untitled


Then Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Social studies, GK, Mathematics and Art. What could draw us to variegation of differences in our love for subjects! Then you pass that altar, and came to conclusion sticking on to just science or commerce or art. I knew English drew hearts with major lovers interpreting their like for language. There too we had so many people to guide around us. Geography, History, Economics and Chemistry would have never made sense because we were all new to the world of curiosity. Oh! The perfect biology classes to top it all just makes our minds wonder with all hush-push or sketching the faces of men and women. Can’t it be reproductive? Infatuation/ Hormones we blame it but now children… ‘Young wild and free’! Then came professional courses, some read it out from screen as if we can’t read from book. Some takes up the job to earn pocketful. I look back and see the dedication on their faces when they set to help us to achieve our goals. Moreover, that is when I respect them for the daily work and sacrifices that they help us to be.

Today I wonder if there are still determined and skilled teachers out there. May be Yes, There would be however, day by day, they are less paid and their love for the job is degrading so does their choices. In midst of study leave, pacing back and forth, what could be more devastating to face a paper of Greek if after learning so much from giant textbooks? Hope. There was still hope somewhere behind your heart, eagerly praying to almighty that you should pass. God. To the crossroads we stumble, and move ahead breaking walls of doubts and fears, we moved on or got adapted to our newly found fears. Yet we call life. Cause we are Strong!

To our greatest teachers, we owe it to you for breaking the walls of fears and let us through to meet our goals. As I wake up tomorrow to graduate, I look back and see all those lovely faces just made me what I’m today. It can’t be more grateful for their encouragement throughout my life. Love you and big toast for them. Our TEACHERS!!!!


One thought on “To Our Greatest Teacher

  1. So well said and heart warming tribute on Teachers’ Day. I remember my teachers’ who taught passionately in college despite being without salary for three months. Teaching is such a noble profession.


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