I too had somebody

8054_zps5acfaff1Yes, I too had someone.

Someone I loved and my heart refused to accept it was over.

3.45am April 20th: I get this text on my phone. “It’s over. Let’s end it!”

I scream out of my lungs and my cousin woke up startled. She gasped frantically and asked, ‘what happened’?

I wept aloud, ‘He wants to end it… it’s a break up…!

Cousin: Oh that’s it?????

Yes, that’s it and I cried endless in shock

“He might be joking!  Everything shall be fine by morning” (And there always a sign of hope even in depths of despair to be loved)

No it’s for real!!!… (Do you think a filmy style ending or a drama queen appearance?) Because the truth so painful to feel the intense breaking of my heart in pieces. Yes I felt it too, deep and profound… It took years to get it over and move on… Now when I look back, I don’t feel anything. No regrets, No pain or even guilt because I’d already become numb when he said, ‘It’s over’ and I’d cried days and remain in pain inside me without breaking it loose for months.

At an age of 17, it was just nothing… an infatuation. First love is just a teen-y boy face. (I would say) What made me realize is the wound never heals but time makes it pass over everything!  Moreover, the actual realization, nothing appears wonderful in stars or moon or seashore. It’s just our heart plays along when we fall in love. And our heart skips a beat and in split seconds we have bucketful of memories.

There is a happy conclusion. In every storyline, there is one. If you haven’t reached there, life is still mode ON! At the end, make it worth if you really found your soul mate.


Have you ever had someone break your heart? I’d say there are couple of them and not just one. Bitter and spicy at the same time 😛



12 thoughts on “I too had somebody

  1. I think everyone goes through it. 😛 Sometimes it bad even for the person who is saying it as well and sometimes it is actually better to break it and suffer once rather than suffer everyday 😛


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