The Invisible Scar

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”Rumi


How True! Many at times, scars are so deep that you’d forget to engage in LIFE. It would just take a roller coaster ride inside your head and heart already HAD gone into a toss.

Wounds are always a reminder that things happen due to a reason. For Better and ALWAYS Good!

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A constant reminder to bring you into where you’d be…

A reminder you’ve faced to climb high and yet you were shattered… BUT that’s when you should know YOU ARE STRONG! Time hasn’t arrived for your ultimate success.


Yesterday and Today there are lot of differences in you. Yesterday are just mistakes however, today you’re strong and YES You’re confident to move on.

Time heals ! It just make you realize you’re more capable and have more abilities to capture world into your arms. Be a Survivor, heartbroken or what so ever!  An ‘option’ to somebody who walks over your heart is bitter but the story is incomplete without a happy ending. You have done a good deed, believe!

When my heart is in pieces, I let it out. May be I cry or anger or denial or may fall into depression for a while or may be Hatred! Hating life so much? Have you ever tried meditating? Or just yell it loud what’s wrong? You’d get the answer! (OR NOT, eventually you’d!) Life is never going to come with ease. Everyday you are going to face problems and no one life is PROBLEM-Free! I’m glad everybody has them to make all us live life. We learn from our mistakes. Every time we fall, we remember to survive and to fight harder than before.


So STOP CONTROLLING, live life loud and stop walking among the dead! You are AWESOME…

P.S: I’m not perfect, still not! During these years, Life has taught some lessons and one among them is to move on and let life come at its free will. Take a chill pill and ride in style! 😀

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8 thoughts on “The Invisible Scar

    • How true! People can be so manipulative at the end they care about themselves. We are suppose to move on in life, not stuck in four corners of room or in that worrisome nutshell!!


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